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The Spirit & Soul team of professionals are renowned for their expertise and commitment to every guest. Our team has over 300 years of combined coaching experience and can adapt to all needs and skill levels. We are leaders in each of our practices and proud of our dedicated tribe. Whether you are in need of one-on-one or personal training, massage therapy, dance movement, yoga, meditation and breathwork, nutrition/food coaching, spiritual purpose coaching, or a personal development weekend, we are here for you and look forward to welcoming you to our family!


Shawn Marie, Owner

ACSM/NASM Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Aqua Certified Instructor, AHA CPR AED Instructor, Owner

Shawn has a degree in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology and has a tenure of 30 years+ managing, coaching and personal training.


She started her career in Corporate Wellness at Texas Instruments and Loreal/Dial, and then transitioned into GM roles at several private and non-profit Fitness settings (Cornerstone Clubs and CB YMCA). Shawn has constructed, renovated and managed several Wellness Centers across the United States, but now finds passion in assisting clients meet their personal life goals.

Eight years ago Shawn created her own Personal Training Company, Adventure Fitness- teaching aqua aerobics, and providing exemplary training and coaching to clients at her private studio, and has been the lead Wellness Consultant at Regency Hilltown.

Shawn's specialty is rehabilitation - pre and post surgery, weight loss and toning, and working with clients with physical challenges, including:

Cancer Recovery, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Concussion Rehab, Depression Management.

Every session is enhanced with the content of her 15 post-graduate certifications and life coach skills.


The Mission of Spirit & Soul Fitness is to provide a dynamic yet peaceful place of zen on the Delaware River, where its Tribe (Staff and Participants) are free and encouraged to evolve to their greatest God Given Potential. Free as a Feather in the Winds of Change!


Brigid Lasair

Pole Dance/Belly Dance/Expressive Dance Instructor

Brigid has been studying dance since she was a child. A mom of 2 and now in her 50s, Brigid's primary focus is on helping people maintain a lifelong relationship with dance. By limiting class size, she provides personalized instruction tailored to each students' individual needs. Brigid believes life long dance is about achieving personal goals, regardless of age or body type. She is proud to have been a member of the Northeast's first improv bellydance troupe, Hipnosis, to have spent 10 years as director/choreographer for her own improv troupe, Star City Tribal, as well as guest dancing at Musikfest, Artsquest and many other local venues and showcases.
When she is not training, Brigid enjoys giving back to the community by donating her time and talent to local events. You may recognize her dancing from Riegelsville Library's annual Brewfest fundraisers, as well as choreographer of Riegelsville's very own Thriller flashmob.


Tricia Hurley

Belly Dance/Expressive Dance Instructor

Tricia Hurley has been studying Belly Dance since 2010. She is a former member of Star City Tribal directed by Brigid LaGuardia and is currently a member of Groove Merchant Drum and Dance Ensemble directed by Kim Leary.

Audrey Photo_edited.jpg

Audrey Colletti

My dharma is to live with freedom and with ease, my heart wide open to wonder and awe. Practicing yoga creates energetic space to live, love, laugh and celebrate life. I am Ashtanga certified and have been practicing for over 20 years. My vinyasa classes are playful and challenge you in the continuum of tapas (heat) and sukha (sweet).
I love the river and bring a sense of that flow to class. In addition to yoga, I love to hike, bike and kayak and am grateful to live in this special place that provides the space to live my dharma, heart wide open to wonder and awe.

Yoga Instructor

Sarah Photo.JPG

Sarah Neville

Hoop Dancer / Flow Prop Artist / Intro to Hoop Dance Instructor

Sarah Bear is a self-taught hula hoop dancer and flow artist. Her love of dance was born from the discovery of a hula hoop on a hot summer day at a music festival. Wanting to dance, she picked up the hoop and was instantly captured by the whirlwind of freedom and flow she felt within that circle.

From that moment on she was dedicated to learning all that she could about that simple circle and how she could use it to express herself visually through music and movement. 15 years later Sarah has expanded her skills by implementing a wide range of different flow props into her dance. Staffs, swords, fans, and levitation wands are part of her repertoire, but hula hoops will forever be her first love.

After spending many years of practice and exploring, Sarah is now teaching others the infinite possibilities that lie within hoop dancing and how to incorporate daily movement into one’s life with circles. She hopes to inspire people of all ages, genders, and body types to pick up a hoop and dance!
Sarah teaches ‘Hoop Fitness’ and ‘Intro to Hoop Dance’ classes at Spirit N’ Soul Fitness. 

Real change block_edited.jpg

Colleen Faltot

Food and Lifestyle Advocate

I have healed myself from debilitating anxiety, as well as a disordered relationship with my body and food. And through that found more happiness and faith than I ever knew was possible!
My customized program has helped countless clients get results by breaking down the conditioning they have subconsciously programmed themselves with from childhood, jumping from fad diet to fad diet, comparing themselves to others and SO MUCH MORE.
By releasing the negative conditioning through breathwork, neuro-plasticity work, and tapping into your subconscious mind you will be able to achieve what you've been desiring and so much more!


Lindsey Radice

Performance Artist, Professional Dancer & Instructor

Lindsey started off in the Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, afterwards graduating with a BFA in dance performance and education from Towson university. From there she pursued a fulfilling career as an artist in the city of Las Vegas for 8 years. Performing for a variety of artists, venues, and production companies including Cirque Du Soleil. Making her way back east, she dove into teaching as professional instructor and administrator at Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Red Bank. She proceeded in bringing her eclectic style to the coast, recently Starting “Burlesque on the Rocks” in the jersey shore while residing in Asbury Park. Now, currently a local across the bridge in Pohatcong, she wishes to continue spreading all the dance love and uplifting vibes. Opening up ways to experience the indulgence of artistic body movement and self expression. 

Kristin Bio Photo.jpg

Kristin Desjadon

Ariel Hoop Instructor

Kristin has been passionate about the Performing and Visual Arts since a young child. A lifelong dancer and visual artist, she discovered the world of Aerial Arts in 2015, quickly falling in love with Lyra (Aerial Hoop). Kristin believes that Circus Arts are for everyone and shares her enthusiasm in class, helping students to build self confidence and strength while encouraging curiosity and exploration. The small group setting of her classes allows for personalized instruction and goal setting in a safe and structured environment building from fundamentals to more complex movement. When not teaching Lyra you can find Kristin also training on Pole, Aerial Fabrics, or Rope.

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